Git presents a series of videos on research and development using NMR


Gas Isotherms Via NMR
Spatially Resolved Wettability
ImaCore 3017™ 3D Imaging Tests
Basics of Laboratory NMR
Wettability Part 2
Part 2 discusses how we track wettability as a function of position in conventional samples.
P5 Overburden Cell
Our Senior Applications Specialist Dragan walks through a step by step setup of Oxford Instruments P5 Cell.
T2 Well Log Calibration & Capillary Pressure
Step by step tutorial in the GIT Lab on Air Brine Capillary Pressure & T2 Well Log Calibration.
Learn about the importance of Gas Isotherms in Shale rocks and how NMR data can help you uncover gas content. 
Learn how we employ NMR measurements to obtain the wettability index.
Discuessing testing completed on a daedalus overburden NMR cell on a ImaCore 3D Rock Core imaging System.
Watch Watch Watch
Our President and CTO Dr. Derrick Green giving an overview of NMR & the interpretation of logging data.
Watch Watch Watch Watch

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